Test Preparation

Tired of thick review books for your standardized tests? Unperplexed Solutions has the answer.

All of our test preparation solutions offer comprehensive review, skill-building games, flashcards, and practice tests with explained answers. Revolutionize your test preparation with our state-of-the-art adaptive learning technology that selects the right material for your skill level, getting harder as you get better. And now, integration with the new Skybound app to study anywhere you go!


A combination of 1600 Solutions, 800 Solutions, 5 Solutions, and 36 Solutions designed to boost the user’s accomplishments on all tests. The combination of the four products is less expensive than buying them individually. Guaranteed to provide users a handy and fruitful experience to improve their performance in all areas.



CourseAide links students to resources for all subjects in high school. It provides a variety of website links to help students search for videos in its increasing library and download practice worksheets with solutions for extra help. CourseAide is the perfect application for student success in high school.



A mobile app specializing in preparation for the SAT and ACT. Thought-provoking questions are presented in an enjoyable way to provide the best experience for users worldwide. Complete answers and explanations are given for each problem set, making this app a must-buy for any student aiming for higher scores on standardized tests.


Test Down

Our Includes several test challenges in various categories, and the ability to add customized questions to aid in memory retention and customized practice. The application includes all the components of an effective standardized test prep booklet including questions with answer explanations.


1600 Solutions

for SAT

An SAT review program assisting in transitioning students from the old SAT to the new SAT. Includes 10 brand-new practice tests and comprehensive answer explanations.


800 Solutions

for all SAT II Subject Tests

Study for the SAT II Subject Tests with flash cards, games, practice tests, test-specific skills, testing techniques and study habits.


36 Solutions

for ACT

Allows students to perfect quintessential skills for taking the ACT test. Includes 10 full new practice tests (with new essay prompts) along with answers and full explanations.


5 Solutions

for all AP Exams

Study program that prepares students for AP exams given by College Board with thorough descriptions, reviews of material, and testing tips and skills.



Olympian is a combo study package that allows clients to choose three of any type of SAT II or AP test prep materials. It comes with similar materials specific to each test that are included in 5 Solutions and 800 Solutions.



The Almighty Drone. The Beast of all Beasts. The conqueror of all Terrains. The Imperius is the most high-tech advanced drone in the history of the world. This compact piece of technology can dominate on land, in water, and in the air within an 18-mile radius.



Uniprep helps students get into their dream college. It offers important statistics for each college, such as average SAT/ACT scores. It also comes with model resumes and college essays. Purchasing the prime account will unlock the capability to receive online help for specialized aid.


Software and Hardware Solutions

Innovative, modern, sleek productivity software for personal and corporate use.

Easy to use software to help guarantee student success!

App City

All-in-one student organization and time management software

  • Stops procrastination
  • Blocks distracting websites and games
  • Planner feature organizes assignments
  • Voice command allows for easy access
  • Eleventh Hour helps students manage time



Powerful presentation software

  • Refreshing new presentation tool
  • Equipped with quality effects and 3D animation capabilites
  • Voice command allows for easy access
  • Revolutionary LinkEdit allowing people in various locations to work on the same presentation

Study Live

Collaborative social media application!

  • StudyLive is an educationally based social media application where students can collaborate on forums and access a variety of learning resources such as tutorials and live instruction.
  • They will also be able to upload documents and share content with their peers.


The all-powerful computer

The Sphere is an uniquely powerful computer with an Intel i5 core processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card, 16GB RAM and 512GB storage.