2016 International Trade Show

The International Trade Fair, held in NYC, allows students from around the world to exhibit a wide range of products and show off their marketing expertise. On April 4th, Unperplexed Solutions employees set up the booth for the company for the next day. Employees went around to sell products by presenting to customers with the company catalogue. They also arranged trade deals and purchased products from other companies around the United States and the World. Congratulations to all employees for a successful trade fair!

2016 Fairleigh Dickinson Trade Show

The trade fair at Fairleigh Dickinson University allowed the Unperplexed Solutions sales team to get some experience before attending the International Trade Fair. It also gave employees the opportunity to network with local companies and build lasting trade relationships.


Gold Level Award, Catalog Competition

Unperplexed Solutions won the gold award in the Catalog for the 2016 Trade Show. The marketing department worked long and hard to create logos, update descriptions, and format the catalog into an aesthetically-pleasing and organized final product. The award was presented to Unperplexed Solutions at the April 2016 NYC Trade Fair. Congratulations to the Marketing Department for a successful catalog!


Catalog Competition, Web Design Competition

Catalog Competition - Bronze Level

Web Design Competition (Advanced) - Silver Level


Website Competition

2014 Best Website - Advanced Competition - Honorable Mention


Website Competition

Best Website - Basic Division - Honorable Mention


Web Design Competition

Web Design - 6th Place


Booth Competition, Website Competition

Booth Competition - Honorable Mention

Website Competition - 7th Place


Catalog Competition, Website Competition

Catalog Competition - 7th Place

Website Competition - 3rd Place


Booth Competition, Sales Pitch Competition, Website Competition

Booth Competition - Honorable Mention

Sales Pitch Competition - Honorable Mention

Website Competition - 1st Place


Booth Design Competition, Website Design Competition

Booth Design - Honorable Mention

Website Design - Honorable Mention